Ichiban news


We now have a daily Bento Box with all kinds of delicious Japanese every day classics, such as korokke, kara-age, Japanese meatballs, chicken katsu etc. Bento boxes vary every day, high recommendation(:


Today we are closed.

Happy Halloween from Ichiban staff(:


HOT news! Now we have new homemade Kimchi Ramen on our lists! Come and try and get warmed up (:

We love it!


We have couple of super tasty new warm dishes coming up really soon. One of them is already on our lists and has been having a Warm welcome by our customers : Niku Udon with beef, simple and delicious! Come and try and let us know how you like it(:

Stay tuned for the other new dishes as well!


Happy Mother's Day!

We're open normally 12-18.

Welcome to our Sunday lunch (:


We have our special Kampituspäivät offers : 

Kiku sushiset 12€ and Ebi Tempura Udon 12€.

Irasshaimase (: 


We'll be closed for the Midsummer weekend 22.-24.6. (Fri-Sun).

Wishing all a beautiful Midsummer(:


NEWS! Today we'll start delivering via Foodora! Today 15:00-18:00. Hopefully this way we can reach to our old dear customers of Ichiban Aikatalo near Mikonkatu(: There will be couple of sets which are only available from Foodora. Ideal way for busy or "don't want to go out today" people. 

Welcome via Foodora as well(: !!


For the first time we're also having SYÖ-viikot starting this Friday 14:00. YEY!!




Starting today Floors Festival!

We have our Ichiban special offers for the weekend.

Welcome -Irasshaimase(: !




We have now new payment methods : Eazybreak, Smartum and also Edenred as before.


Our opening times during Christmas and new year:

23.12.Sat 12-17.30

24.-26.12. closed

27.-31.12. open normally

1.1.2018 closed

Ichiban wishes everyone a happy and relaxing Christmas and amazing start for the fresh new year to come 2018(:!!!

-Thank you so much for year 2017-


Today we will be closed.

Congratulations for Finland! Happy Independence day!!


We now have a new veggielicious Vege Ramen with soy soup.

A perfect chilly day treat!


From now on our warm lunch option will be Mon-Fri Ramen (soy or miso).

27.9.-1.10 we have great Kampitus deals of Sushi and Ramen. Welcome(: !!


Warm lunches of week 37

Mon-Fri Ramen(soy or miso)


Warm lunches of week 36

Mon     Pangasius Nanban & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)

Tue       Chicken Katsu & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)

Wed     Chicken Nanban & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)

Thu       Teriyaki Salmon & small salad

Fri         Ramen (soy or miso)


Warm lunches of week 35

Mon       Ramen (soy or miso)

Tue        Chicken Katsu & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)

Wed      Chicken Nanban & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)

Thu        Chicken Nanban & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)

Fri          Ramen (soy or miso)


Warm lunches of week 34

Mon      Ramen (soy or miso), Pangasius Nanban with kale&small                    salad

Tue        Teriyaki Salmon & small salad, Ramen (soy or miso)     

Wed      Ramen (soy or miso)    

Thu        Teriyaki Salmon & small salad

Fri          Ramen (soy or miso)


Warm lunches of week 33

Mon      Ramen (soy or miso)

Tue        Pangasius Nanban with kale & small salad

Wed      Chicke Katsu & small salad, Ramen

Thu        Teriyaki salmon & small salad , Ramen (soy or miso)

Fri          Ramen (soy or miso)


Warm lunches of week 32

Mon      Breaded Pangasius & small salad

Tue        Chicken Nanban with Kale  & small salad

Wed      Chicken Katsu & small salad

Thu        Teriyaki Salmon & small salad

Fri          Ramen


Our warm lunches are back!

Here are this weeks lunches (week 31)

Mon     Teriyaki Salmon & small salad

Tue       Pangasius Nanban with Kale & small salad

Wed    Pangasius Nanban with Kale & small salad

Thu       Chicken Katsu & small salad

Fri         Chicken Katsu & small salad


Back to normal. From the beginning of August we'll get back to normal opening hours, which means we'll be open on Sundays as well.

Also warm dishes will now start again at lunch time Mon-Fri.

Irasshaimase! Welcome!